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#FinallyFriday March 3, 2023

Whooooowheeeeee!!! I don't know what was going on this week but golly it needs to be done and over with! I am still blaming the weather regardless. I mean Scottsdale got snow - Twentynine Palms got snow... I mean this is what I moved away from! Ick!

Some delightful news... my folks celebrated their 50th Anniversary today! What an achievement in this day in age. I mean technically DH and I are on 31 years since we started dating this coming September and 26 years since we first married in October. With a 9 year technical separation in that 26 years... that's a story for another time.

The 9to5 has been so mentally exhausting - it is more annoying dealing with the plans that do not READ what you write them. Ugh, I know I get paid to argue with them, but seriously sometimes I feel like I am arguing with morons. Probably why I still have headaches and pain.

So I managed to get into my one month after my radiation treatment for the TGN. Still having pains - bad thing is I can't tell is it's all this funky ass weather or what. I need warmth again.

Tomorrow we get to see DD in her second rockabilly pageant. I am excited for her! I also have to get my butt in gear for the vendor shows. I keep saying that - i come in the room and end up being mush and don't get very far.

Still waiting to hear back from the Ketamine IV treatment place. If I don't hear back soon - which it wouldn't be much of a surprise if it is the plan denying and kicking stuff back - I may try to do the at home treatment to start. I just really need something to reset my body. If my flying oil works, then I will have an alternative to the Ketamine!

ok I am gonna close for now. I love you, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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