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#FREEDOM July 4th, 2022

It is the 4th of July... we are to celebrate our country's freedom - or at least what is left of it. While moving items back into their places, I came across this signed book about The Capital. It was signed to my great-grandparents who came over from Poland. With all of the division and chaos we all deal with in various ways these days, I tend to wonder what my great grandparents must be thinking of what has become of their "American Dream" for the family. Sure, the different advances with "conventional medicine", technology, peoples' rights, and well, just about every aspect of life today. Some good, some bad. It's now what you make of it. It is up to us, the next generations, to make things better. Not for just one but for all.

I always say no one can appease everyone. It is just not feasible. It is amazing how many have become the "keyboard warriors" as of late. It's much easier to type behind a screen than to actually say it to someone's face - hell, even a video would be better than this typing cowardly shit. Alas, I digress... I am working on the whole catching myself spewing negative crap and redirecting myself toward positive thinking.

I have been asked if I will be doing readings... I am thinking of adding those to the store. BUT know I still use books to help guide me AND I do write the readings down. I do not share what is in the readings with anyone, I keep them written down in the event, the readings have parts that do arise as truth - I have it documented. It has been a few years since I have read for anyone because I do not take my cards out of my house. I do not want to give anything the chance to attach to my cards and then bring it home. On that note, I think I am going to take a lesson from a dear psychic friend of mine, Sunshine, and study the cards. I have gotten numerous Tarot and Oracle decks in the last year but I barely opened them. I think with all the house changes, there needs to be more changes for myself... create my own #FREEDOM!!!!

We took a chance in 2013 and moved, sight unseen, to Arizona. My folks were not happy that I was taking their only grandkids away; my Dad didn't talk to me for a year! He eventually got over it and started talking to me again - see it didn't kill him or me. We sold everything and packed only essentials. At any rate, in less than five years, we made a huge goal of buying a house. That got ruined within months (long stories - yes multiple) but we are finally getting the last of that crappy ass nasty juju out! I'll be happy when it's done. Point... don't hold yourself back from what you want to do!!! Start small or go big, either way, enjoy your #FREEDOM!

Til later and Blessed Be! Rowan Pearl

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