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#It'sTuesday Tuesday, February 28, 2023

You all... I have been so off that I still can't wrap my head around that today is Tuesday. I don't know - I have been so exhausted and can't even wake up early in the morning to clock in earlier. The way I feel and how it was looking and feeling outside just had that snow, cold feeling to it. So quickly, I got more food delivered today and made spinach and artichoke dip in the crock pot. Sooooo good!

This will have to continue tomorrow...

#HumpDayWednesday Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Barely able to get the continuation done for today! Cold, rainy, some thunder and lightning... I don't think it made it over 50 degrees today! A steady 70 ish degrees with rain storms once in a while is what I need. Still waiting to hear back on the Ketamine therapy. I may have to call next week to follow up. So happy March to everyone and shout out for the #MarchBirthday peeps!! I have a four day weekend coming up from the 9to5... I so need it big time!

I got these new compression stockings - but they are the whole leg - ankle to thigh. Kinda reminds me of the big ol thighs I have and never was able to get "fixed". Anyway, they are suppose to help with the blood clots and vericose veins. I can feel a little difference in the tiredness... they aren't as tired. So hopefully more positive differences will be seen soon.

I keep trying to work my calendar and by the time I log off work, make dinner, wash dishes, or whatever else needs to be done - I am ready for bed by 7 PM. I have been trying to sleep better by not getting up and logging on early - now I just want to keep sleeping. One day this will all start to fall into place...

ok my loves... I love you all, Til later and Blessed Be!


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