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#ManicMonday March 13, 2023

Today was a day of major understatements at the 9to5... and it was definitely manic! Here in AZ we don't change clocks for daylight savings BUT it does affect us trying to remember who is 3 or 2 hours ahead - oh and an hour ahead and add the hour behind for Cali... it is super exhausting to think about. Add a busy as shit clinic to the mix... around seven appeals to write and more denials... I am so glad I have a co worker that can work the clinic with me and understand how mentally exhausting working this clinic is. By noon I think the two of us were ready to throw the towel in. And of course I had to leave early to go get stabbed with a needle again to get one more blood test done - my d dimer for the clots.

My arms look terrible from all the bruises - my legs are bad too. Being on the blood thinner is making the bruising even worse and all the bruises are pretty painful. I started to make a list of what I need to do on my day off Friday and for this weekend. The weather is starting to get nice, I want to get back to walking around the block, I want to spring clean and get stuff refreshed. I am having dreams about my grandson... so many things going through the brain!

I was complimented on my hair by a young Sbux kid... it was cute - surprisingly he was complimenting the curliness - too bad it was curly bedhead - it definitely wasn't as curly as it usually is when I wash it LOL - anyway I thought it was cute. Usually, when I fluff up the purple everyone talks about how they love the purple - so this one was a first.

Ok Loves, time to chill... I love you, Til later, and Blessed be!


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