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#MondayMadness November 21, 2022

Back at work today! I'm noticing now that I have an official diagnosis that I probably have been walking around with these clots for awhile. I have to be so careful now. Tomorrow's Botox should be interesting. Eh, guess we will find out.

So I want to address something and see how fast it makes it's way around. There's a couple of family tiffs going on all over. So one convo goes something like this:

Me: Babe, you want to send cards to your family?

Him: Mmmmm yeah but this will be the last time.

Me: Are you sure you want to send to her?

Him: Yeah, but if she bitches then I'll take it that she doesn't mean what she says for me to contact her

Me: Ok so will this be THE END? You know they will blame me like always.

Him: Yeah this will be the last time

Me: OK.... grudgingly gets card ready, puts the stamp on it, sends it off

So yes, of course the rant happens that she got the fucking card. Now mind you, she demanded he reach out to her, he did... all she talked and bitched about was me. Like why am I even in the convo? She is always he can reach out... he sends her an item from her surgery list.... she fucking bitched about that... said she was glad it wasn't something more expensive THEN says he thinks he can work things out with a cheap ass brush.... like WTF do you want? Pissed it's cheap ass gift and not gonna work, then pissed it's a cheap ass gift and not more expensive.... at his request sent cards and gifts and yet again, I am to blame. I am so happy that I don't have to send any more cards or gifts. But here's what's funny... she says oh I know I'm a fabulous person or what the fuck ever it was - that she has to be checked on or whatever yet... I give a shit less but my website (yes this site) notifies me where visitors are from... guess who takes nearly 10% of the visits from the past year? yeah... her ( and now I presume the other her since the old city now pops up). Please, go take a look at your shadow and do the work. I hate you, I don't care if you die. If you don't want anything to do with us, why keep checking my website out? For something like this? You don't deserve any acknowledgement from me, but I am entertaining the notion for this one last time. After today, you do not exist to me anymore. If I hear my notification for this site go off and see your location or anywhere you have been in the state, then you need to face the fact you cannot help but be nosy to see what we are up to. If that's the case you'll get more from FB so might as well unblock us and keep up with us that way. Again, once this posts you do not exist and this is the last time I ever address you and give you this much of my time. So fuck off...

Now, back to what I usually do. I will apologize to you all because I refuse to have a FB face off. For my peace, I need to address the issue and finally be done. I am really hoping this is it.

So, I have been running through some ideas to add to the store. I did get a couple new apothecary bottles. Some of the bottles are just resin and for show. Now the ceramic ones do have a cork top on them but aren't see through. Kind of eh on those. Getting more requests for protection bags... been thinking about adding poppet kits to the store. Been having to make a lot of personal ones recently. Then I am also thinking of adding house blessings for local folk; Oracle/Tarot readings... I still have to make more powders, spray sage... I have a long weekend so thinking I'll work on the dozen + orders and some of these ideas.

OK I'm already tired and my energy is drained from my own last rant. This is why I hadn't bothered to acknowledge anything but apparently I had to because hubs wanted to send a card again. Ugh... ok so I'll just keep snickering if the visits keep showing up - my laugh and cackle for the day.

Love you all, Til Later and Blessed Be


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