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#MondyMonday #TuesdayThoughts May 10, 2022

Monday at the 9to5 left me mentally exhausted! Yes, I know the 9 to 5 is 9to5... it is on purpose! Annnnnddddd then it's Tuesday! Life sidetracked me once again! But that's the thing, I do life. Is there more of life that I want to do? Hell yeah!! So 2022 was to be the traveling year for us. We made big plans for a family RV trip - yes do I dare say Griswold style - to visit some really awesome places and see some folks; take the kids to where they grew up to show their SO's; go to where hubs and I grew up (and yes a must stop at Dari-Dip back there in Portage!) and hit Chicago.... plans were brewing for the next trip up to the Dakotas.

Unfortunately, the big C knocked us down - my plight continued with pneumonia, partially collapsed lung, and viral gastroenteritis for another 2 weeks or so. It sucked but for as many health issues I have (and my Hematologist was extremely concerned) I made it - not without some issues though. My hair is falling out more than it use to; my brain does not work well any longer - I forget words, I stutter, I will blank out on what I was going to say in conversations; my GI system is more messed up/inflamed; and of course I cannot think of the rest.

After the big C, we kept getting hit with news of other health things that are going to require us to take more PTO from the 9to5 ... which is going to push back being in vendor shows again. So, life happens and right now I just have to go with it. Most is out of my control, so no need to stress over it. But, lots of exciting plans to come!! Til later and Blessed Be!

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