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#MotivationalMonday #MagickalMonday July 3, 2023

Hello Loves! I always wish #Mondays wouldn't have that "stigma" and be something to look forward to - be #motiviational and #magickal. Today was a tiring day... PT first thing, ran to find the new place for the Cancer Center, found out my appointment is this week (which I have to reschedule), tried to find a lab that would take walk ins today before my first post op appointment, no luck there, ordered Sbux and of course put the order in at the wrong one - so I put the order in for the right one and picked the others up later, got my stitches and staples out, picked some meds up and some quick groceries, then been home resting the knee. It was definitely a tad much and my knee is SCREAMING!!! My "FAVORITE" pharmacist was working so I couldn't get my pain meds - I did not feel like arguing that I can pay cash for them. I hate retail bitches that act stupid when they don't know what you do for a living.

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