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#SaturdayInThePark July 9, 2022

Ahhhh, the weekend starts with Saturday! Had an interesting outing with my son - we went food shopping at Costco. Didn't take long to fill up the buggy! But it's nice to shop with my son because he keeps me grounded - for the most part LOL... sometimes we get into trouble when it's bulk trash or see yard sales. This time it was food!! So, in order to get health under some control, I plan on trying to go back to cooking and really utilizing Noom. Plus, I know we have wasted food more recently because everyone is just not wanting to make anything. So I am going to do a bento type style lunch thing for everyone. Goes with the whole prepping thing too. I am excited to start working back in a more healthy environment - having gardens to grow our food would totally make it complete. All I can say is, it's in progress...

How was your Saturday? How did you spend the day? Even if you rested all day, it's doing something. It's letting your body relax and recoup and repair! Speaking of repairing your body - of course something prompted this whole food thing... I found another bruise. So I always bruised easily but in my "old age" I am bruising much more easily. When I went for my shot yesterday, of course they squeeze the arm to do the intramuscular shot and it wasn't any harder than usual, but I got a huge thumb bruise on my upper arm. Now I'm kind freaked out because doc says my liver numbers are good, basically all of the typical numbers are good except my B12... now I need to turn to my diet again and see if I can figure it out.

I would love suggestions if anyone has any for the food/diet thing. I have been trying to consciously incorporate witchy vibes into cooking. I should turn to my cookbooks I got too.... geez life needs some instructions! I guess that's where ancestors come in...

Okeeee dokeeee all, hubby has to work tomorrow so I must end for now! Til later and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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