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#Self-CareSunday May 28, 2023 #MagickalMonday May 29, 2023

Hello my Loves! Welp, yesterday was a major self-care SUnday for myself - I was doing some packing, DH said stop so I went to the garage to finish dyeing the chairs - and I pulled my fucking back out. Like, almost called an ambulance pulled my back out. I could barely walk, my whole left leg wasn't able to put any pressure on it. It was horrible and it is still hurting but I have been stretching the muscles and trying to get up and walk more to hopefully get this better for tomorrow at work! It's getting there - I just need to make sure to go slow with packing.

Ah yes... why are you packing? Well, it's the empty nest thing. We got this home because we figured the kids would stay or at least visit more or have visitors. Figured, this was it the place we could retire and die. Then, we found out how ruthless these fuckwads are in the hood... they called the cops on the one and only ice cream truck that was willing to come out to this neck of the woods. Called the cops on the ice cream truck and ran them out of the hood on the first fucking day. People even got in their cars, drove around honking at them! I need my buffer zone from people. Give me my yard, I want chickens, goats, gardens, fruit trees.... that's what will star to make me happy - other than opening my store and have a working body LOL - but I don't want to be greedy! So, packing up stuff not needing to be used, making lists of what needs to be done in the house still to sell it, find land parcels, look for a new home for us and possibly a guest house in case people visit. So lots going on!

I also want to say thank you to everyone in the Armed Forces that have served and made the ultimate sacrifice. I am a former Marines wife, so I will always respect and participate in military holidays.

Finally, got to see my GS and hold him, and put him in his dapper outfit and get pics!! I won't get much more time with him because of my knee and foot surgery... plus my sis and folks are trying to get the fuck out here before the family war starts and DS, his GF and GS take off to Cali. Long story and just not gonna get into detail. I don't feel like crying...

Ok Loves, I have more land hunting to do and what we need to work on to sell lists. I love you, Til Later, and Blessed Be!


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