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#SelfCareSunday July 24, 2002

I got flustered again this morning.... my OCD is out of whack with the stuff in the office again, stuff everywhere, and I can't find stuff. I attempted to finish painting the small corner of the walls in our room... didn't take long for my hands to swell up more and all the joints start to scream. Luckily, my son came in and finished that corner for me. He and hubby laid more tile down today so out bedroom is approximately half way done (with the exception of grouting). I am so ready for it to be done and the Sanctuary is next.

I started to read one of my really big books - 5,000 spells - started to take notes from it. Then, thinking about tomorrow being on my own at work... busy day that's for sure. SO, it's 8 PM... I'm tired and tomorrow is an early day - have to make time up for another appointment. Til later Loves and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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