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#SelfCareSunday March 5, 2023 #WhoopsieWednesday March 8, 2023

Hello my Loves!! That is as far as I got back on Sunday! LMAOOO what else is new right? I mean there was snow in Scottsdale and Twentynine Palms last week, soooooo yeah anything can happen! I will say that over the weekend and up until yesterday it was that spring feeling. You know how you can smell rain before it happens? Out here I finally got the warming up smell. Even the feeling is different.... fast forward to today... and it drops back to low 40s in the AM.... I think I have finally figured out I cannot do the cold or under 50 degrees very well. Or at all quite frankly. It is nice to finally start to be able to pinpoint my body and how it reacts to weather. That way at least I can prep better for the next season.

Got an invite to a vendor show up north of us... so I made a Uline order as I needed to invest in tent weights and some fitted tablecloths, needed garbage bags, and invested in a utility wagon... well, two utility wagons LOL. Whooooooo jets are low and blowing some noise and it's almost 1930 here! Any way, funny story on the order... so I had a call I didn't recognize and put it to VM, the number called again, put it to VM again then I was able to read the transcription of the VM. Poor guy calls a third time and I answered and he's like hey I have a delivery for you and I was like ok the gate is unlocked you can put it by the front door... he replies, " Ummmmm, it's a pallet..." Fear comes over me and my heart is pounding like, shitfire I know I didn't order that much stuff. Then DH drives by - I was like oh shit now I'm in trouble... well, we managed to fit the pallet in the garage and thing is it was all heavy boxes hence, the pallet. Two 20 pound or so wagons, a folding table, three sets of 40 pound weights and such. So luckily it wasn't enough to throw DH into any heart attack, but I am sure his bp went up a tad. Sorry babe!!

Now I need to start to look at the cash and card systems. Everything has come a long way since I first had my first business. Bought a cash register, a manual credit card machine and papers (I think I have it somewhere still!) but I have a few different systems I have been looking at - wish me luck!

Speaking of luck! St. Patrick's Day is coming up - I have been learning the "story" behind St. Patrick and I will say this is what I live for. I love to learn things - I wish I could have realized the value of learning your family history sooner. I have the chance to do it now, show and tell my kids, and now we have a new generation starting I can pass what I know and have learned about our family history. I actually sat at the stove cooking a Polish stew and Irish Colcannon the other day. It actually worked and turned out really good! I decided to make it early because we have the community yard sale this weekend; busy work week next week with the 9to5, an in office date (blech) of course the day I have to go to the Hematologist to see how my blood clot numbers are. Then I took a 4-day weekend all! Like nothing planned other than working the biz and what shows are available

I have to make some appointments to follow up on my foot that needs surgery, my arms, and my left knee. That tear repair did nothing and it's getting worse so I think it is time to look at that partial knee replacement. I have got to get the body in a better place!

Whew! I am just a yapping tonight! I hope you all got to see the Full Moon, I actually missed it, which is unusual. Enjoy the pic dump! Ok my Loves, I love you, Til later and Blessed Be!


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