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#SelfieSunday July 17, 2022

Ahhhh.... it's Sunday, getting ready for the start of a new work week. yay! Between dealing with beings in the hood, fucking cows all over the road in the desert, my bedroom a pit for flooring, my office now cramped weird, I was able to make lunch of meatballs in sauce (totally frozen meatballs, but they were delicious!), sandwiches for lunches, picked and packed orders, AND got some powders made, packaged, sealed, and in the store. WHEW!!! First time in awhile I was that productive! I am afraid my joints are gonna be screaming tomorrow! That huge storm last night caused massive humidity but it was AWESOME!

Started to look at notes all over The Sanctuary... I'm thinking my next item to make is room sprays and body sprays.... honestly you can probably use the sprays for both! Hmmmmmmmm.... add that to one of the notes! I also am looking into soaps and bath bombs... I have my sister, Kate's bath salts in the store... I'm getting really excited... trying to find some antique sofas and chairs for the reading area I want to do for the store. Someone local is selling an old cast iron stove and I am DYING every time I see the pic.

Still, trying to get an answer from my Hematology office on this horrible bruise. It hurts. Now I am having some bad pain behind my knee, it hurts to go on my walks but I am doing so well with making the walks at least two times a day. Eh, what else is new right? Growing old... yet so young still! Do what I can while I can... speaking of I should learn how to walk in those heels for my dear sister's wedding! I'm definitely going to need backups! I have started to close the gap on my personal FB account. There is nothing there in the past that I really want to keep. Some memories sure, but overall it needs to be gone. I am enjoying my life now, I love how I live, how I look, working on the how I feel LOL, but still getting up every day.

Ok my loves, I must skedattle for now. Til later and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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