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#SplendidSaturday December 10, 2022

So today was the Army Navy football game. It was such a horrible game I couldn't finish watching it. Of course, I turn it off and it goes into double OT - I conceded to my dad an Army win anyhow LOL but congrats Army!

Been watching Adventures of Merlin on Netflix. It's pretty good - I actually like this series - trying to get it all in before December 14th! DS and GF went and got the holiday tree today. It is a nice lookin tree! For some reason I want to put my Griswold jersey one and cut the net off the tree and have it spring out LMAO.

I have been shown so much love and concern in recent weeks. I cannot express to everyone how much that means to me and my family. So many things have caused me to be drained and I was excited to get more resin poured today. I will de-mould tomorrow to let it solidify some more and work on powders. I still have to list my "Drink Me" bottles and Raven bottles.

DD came over today to help me get some holiday decorations up in the house. I couldn't find my Rudolph Reindeer inflatable! It is currently MIA!!! So, just save up for more inflatables next year. She is also in a pageant this next week so I need to definitely go and cheer her on!

DS is having surgery again on the ear. Poor guy... here's hoping he gets a better solution this time around. I get to wait for my surgeries until next year and get clearance from my Hematologist. I swear I am a PITA for him!

So I am running a little experiment - I took a big stab at it yesterday and of course it held up - just once again gives me more motivation, and to continue to inspire others LOL - I don't care if you use ideas - or use platforms - or create your own. At least I'm doing what I want and enjoy. It's funny how, once again, the people that hate me the most are still peeping - yes again I see you Visitor #2313 LOL - and I will always make sure the truth is known whether folks like it or not. What's good for the goose is good for the gander - or however it goes...

Ok I am beat - had to work some OT for the 9to5 - my patients always come first in that line of work. Til later, I love you, and Blessed Be!


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