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#SplendidSaturday December 17, 2022

Whew! Busy last couple days! Hence, no blogs... so Thursday was in office day. We had the ugly sweater contest - of course I didn't wear a sweater but did wear my Chevy Chase signed Blackhawks jersey with Griswold 00 on it - so I got to sit with my back to the camera for the group pic LOL - the back is where it is! The drive kills me - it's an hour one way to the office from where I live - I think I may have to pass on the next in office just to recoup. Later that night was DD first Rockabilly pageant! It was a fun time - the music, the dancers.... it was pretty cool! I couldn't be more proud of her coming out of her shell like she did! I am excited for her next one!

Friday was a tough morning to get up for work but I managed - then I had my stress test... my knees were not ready for the treadmill at all. Think once the whole clot issue settles down I'm gonna need to get the knee checked out again - the pain and crunching is worse - might need that partial knee replacement after all. Figuring the rest of the surgeries will be for 2023. Need to start looking into all those "if you die what to do with stuff" - the living will stuff. I mean when they asked if I should be resuscitated in the hospital - kind is a jolt that you have a pretty serious health issue going on...

Today was a day to really chill. I was able to sleep in until 7 am - which rarely happens. Made up the last of my time for the week today then took our Pandora to the vet. Poor pup has some pain going on with her arthritis, degenerative bone disease and Valley fever issues - the cold is not helping the pain any - not for me either. So we got her some meds and just waiting to see her Valley fever results and if she needs to go back on her fluconazole. In the meantime, my one co-worker suggested a heating pad - she has been on the heating pad and blankie the last couple days so it's helping her out.

I just can't believe we are almost done with 2022! Part of me is like thank the Universe it's almost over! Hopefully, we can continue with making positive strides and keep the yuck out. So much yuck sneaking around still...

Ok loves, I am still recouping so I will end it here for now. Enjoy the pics - I love you, Til later and Blessed Be!


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