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#SundaySelf-Care July 10, 2022

Well, greetings!! So I try to do a total relax on Sundays but today was anything but relaxing. First thing, got up and took a long shower. With that I wasn't expecting to be all gross within hours, warranting another shower. I started to clean things up then I went to the garage and started to clean that up, putting flooring stuff together, painting stuff together, made a bulk trash box and started to haul bulk trash stuff out. Then as I was pulling the next carpet batch I see a long tail disappear into the rocks. I dropped that shit and ran into the garage, forgot to close that side door, ran back to close it and texted hubby who was at work. Like how the hell is he gonna help when he is at work. So, drove around the hood in hopes of finding treasures others are letting go. I did find one piece and it's been my eye candy for a couple days. Hubby kept pissing and moaning about there's no room for it. I just gave him that look. Well, the Treasure Fairy made her appearance with that piece. It's sitting in the garage now LOL. SO I spent probably a couple hours cleaning it, with breaks in between because it is hot as fuck out and my joints are all swollen and everything hurts. You would think by now hubby would get it... I mean going on 30 years now, you'd think he would get it. Nope... anyway, puzzles and car stuff arrived for the kids and I made a trip to drop the stuff off to my daughter so she has something to do as she heals from surgery. Of course, son wanted dunkin and stopped there. Then young people driving a big Ram almost killed a motorcyclist by clipping them, then riding their ass. Dude, when I get my dash cam all of you fucking idiots are going on display.

Ugh, I left so much out because I am tired, I hurt and am having difficulty typing. So, all you spiritual beings have a fantastic rest of your Sunday! Til later and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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