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#SuperSaturday February 4, 2023

Greetings and Merry meet! Ugh, I do not like to start out with Ugh... but the last few days have been doing a number on me. I had to leave the 9to5 early Friday - just not feeling good at all. Had horrible nausea the day after the radiation treatment, pain and nausea yesterday, and just felling so worn down today. It took me hours to get gifts wrapped... but I got to visit with my DD and her fiance for a bit today. They went to the new found Polish market and brought me a pierogie and some other yummies. I immediately had flashbacks of being at Busi's (my Polish great-Grandmother) house and watching her and my Grandma make those same pierogies from scratch. Now I need to go to that market!

Today is the opening of the Ren Faire - and I really need to try and make it this year. I missed last year's and I am hoping in the next two months I am able to go at some point - in between all the medical shit going on. The kids had fun last year at it and said I should go... put that on the list to do.

The baby shower is coming up - I am so excited! Secured PNW Squeezed for the catering... have the game prizes... wrapped all the gifts that have come in so far... just a few more things to get and to make the cupcake pull apart cake. It's getting so close - I still can't believe we are already into February. Time is flying by so fast.

Getting vendor events in order to see what is where and when. I really need to get into the vendor circuit again. I have the shop on vacation right now while I deal with this radiation thing and the utter exhaustion, but I am hoping to get it back open and have a sale. I am really hoping to be closer to opening the physical location.

Sending out Happy Birthday to all the Februrary peeps!

Ok Loves, tis all for now - I love you, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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