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#SuperSunday October 2, 2022

Yes, yes, yes... I am here! All I can say is WHEWEEEEEEEEEEEE! Work, doctors, work, animals, work, life, work... been busy on all fronts, except of course the store. I am DYING for this fucking floor to FINALLY get done. I need to kick, scream, and fight next time. My nerves that are left , which isn't much, are ready to snap with the chaos and mess around the house. So I will keep bringing stuff I can use home into the garage until my floor is done. Enough said!

So got to take a short trip to South Carolina and North Carolina. Mainly to South Carolina to watch my sister from another mister get married!! Not to mention we finally got to see each other after nearly a decade! The short trip to North Carolina (two hour drive there, spent half hour there and two hour drive back) was to accomplish my mission of finally seeing my Grandma. She looks so good physically for soon to be 94 years. Her eyes told me another story. I flt her sadness even though she couldn't express it. She didn't cower or fight or push away so I know inside she knew who I was but again, wasn't able to express it. I am so angry with the "family member" that has her pushed away in this place to wither away and die. I wish I could have her out here with me. At least she would have frequent visits and things to do other than being left in a wheel chair pushed up to a table facing and forced to look out the window. Not to mention it is in a room stuffed with a dozen or more people left there to die. At least I got to see her and try to communicate with her.

So enjoy the pic dump from the trip... boatloads more pics of the sky, stars, moon, sun, etc on my FB page, business FB page, fun page, and market page.

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