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#SweetEndingSaturday December 31, 2022

Wow... what a year! Another year chock full of negative and positive. So I want to wish you all a safe, happy, Blessed, & Magickal New year! Here's to the beginning of a New Year, page one of a new chapter, 365 days to make a difference! I wish you all the best in whatever future endeavors you have! So, here is my list for 2022! The 22 things that stand out for me:

  1. Found out who needs to be out of our family's life - and who needs to stay out

  2. Staying with the same jobs - another year!

  3. Got the Big C in January - hubs and I both

  4. Hubs recovered - I started to recover and backslid in a BIG way... ended up with C-pneumonia, partially collapsed lung, and gastroenteritis... all at the same time after the Big C

  5. Got a promotion at work - just not the one I really wanted

  6. Fell in a deep depression, had crisis called on me, was sent to HR on false claims, fell even deeper... eventually pulled myself out

  7. My store is still going Year 2!

  8. Got the floors in the house redone

  9. Long nails - when I never, ever had nails in my life - now I get to wear cool nail wraps

  10. DD bought a car on her own!

  11. Said car had the catalytic converter stolen in less than a month of owning it

  12. Helped to pull my 9to5 past the goals it is set at

  13. Saw my folks after two - ish years of the big C

  14. So lucky to have the co-workers I do - fantastic teamwork!

  15. Lots of compliments on my purple hair and ended up keeping the color

  16. Need surgery on the foot for a cyst and hand/arm

  17. getting set up for radiation treatment - hoping it works otherwise it is brain surgery

  18. Was given a dose of my human form mortality when I thought I was having a heart attack; turned out to be PE in both lungs and DVT in right leg - on new meds

  19. Was able to stay off pain meds for a year

  20. Hubs and I celebrated 30 years since we started dating and 25 years of first married

  21. DD was in a pageant and got engaged

  22. We get to be promoted to Ninny & Poppy

I want to wish you all a safe, happy, Blessed, & Magickal New Year! I love you all, Til Later, and Blessed Be!


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