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#ThankfulThursday February 23, 2023

Greetings! I do my best to be grateful, thankful, and humble as much as possible each and every day. I am not a perfect person by any means, I have yet to meet a perfect person but there are so many that feel they are perfect. Just this week, I have some across so many kids, as in 19 to 24 year olds, that feel it is ok to demand things that are out of everyone's control. Wake up kiddos, you have a shitload of time of life left to live and it's only gonna get worse - so take whatever entitlement you think you have and shove it up your asses. Then we also have the older folks that "paid their dues" and are just as nasty and entitled as the young ones. Guess what? You all can shove it as well because being a nasty ass being, doesn't help your cause. I am just overwhelmed at the world my grandson will be growing up in. I truly hope he is a strong person and doesn't have to suffer at the hands of the ignorant beings. It is quite scary to think about.

The baby shower was a success! It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, we had such a nice turnout, excellent food from PNW Squeezed, and family join via Zoom. Working on getting the nursery repainted so it can get all set up and get things put away and set up. Of course, I ordered some more things that are needed... eventually, we will have everything ready to go for his arrival!

Tomorrow is my B12 shot, no iron needed (I still have the pain and nasty bruise from the vein blowout last month). I need to reup FMLA next month - still having weird pains assuming from the radiation... body is full of pain with this weird ass weather - luckily the d dimer did start to go down so that's a plus! I really need to get this foot/knee surgery done.

Gonna go to the Bin store with DD and going to see Riverdance with her in Tucson. Took a mental health day off tomorrow...scheduled more mental health days off work to just get away from that chaos. My therapist said she thought that was a good idea and she liked it. Yes, I go to therapy now once a month and have med management once a month. It's one of those, I have to go because those that SHOULD go don't, so to keep my sanity I go instead. I was raised that it was not good to go to therapy, folks didn't believe in it and actually got upset when I first went while in my Freshman year of college. I am at the point in my life that I can't do it on my own and need help. I have stalkers, douchebags, asshats, and so much more in my life that just can't let me be, so this gives me the opportunity to seek help for myself. It's amazing how it is frowned upon still today to get psych help. That outlook just adds to the reason of why I get the help. Thank the Universe I don't worry about the Jones'.

Ok, I am pooped and ready to go beddy bye... I love you all, Til later and Blessed Be


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