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#ThrillingThursday July 21, 2022

Wahooooooo! Ask and you shall receive! Whether we realize it or not, we are manifesting all the time. I manifest consciously in my daily offering, BUT I manifest unconsciously too. We all do. How many times do we start off and say "Today is going to be great!", then some asshat comes along and ruins the morning very first thing? It's easier to be mad at someone who "wronged" us. So we sit and stew instead of stopping to breathe, gather thoughts, and tell ourselves it is going to be ok and a great day. Then, you get a notice of an unplanned meeting in 15 minutes and your phone rings and as you pick it up, you hear screaming and hootin' and hollerin' because someone can't read the directions properly, now you get mad again because this asshat is a fucking idiot. And, well, you get where this is going. Eventually, we come to that "fuck it" point. The day then sucks ass and you can't wait to get out and go home to eat and binge movies. Definitely not healthy. But we are all smart, we know that, so why do we do it? I have no idea.

All, I know is it takes time to change that process. It takes you recognizing that it is unhealthy behavior and you are the only one who can change it. So, this gets to my #ThrillingThursday title... I had a GI televisit this morning because I can't shit. TMI yes, but this also brings about being aware of your body. As I explained what steps I had been taking , I got to say I made some lifestyle changes - well, working to make better lifestyle changes. I had finally started walking around the block - only once on my lunch. Now, I am up to four times on some days but always more then once. I had been eating more fruits and veggies, too and I am slowly seeing and feeling a positive difference. I am excited because I am almost at another goal - under 190 pounds. I am hovering at 193 - not bad considering in January I was hitting 220. Yes, being sick with COVID started the weight loss, but I have been working on it too. It's another positive direction.

Also, after the COVID/pneumonia/partial collapsed lung/flu thing... my nails grew. It's so weird because never in my life did I have long nails. I am a full on nail biter... all my 45 years. Until this year... no idea what happened but now I am thrilled to have something to pamper on myself! I discovered nail wraps. Holy fuck I love these things! My nails don't look like a little kid painted them. I will admit I am still getting used to them and they are extremely brittle and have ridges from my iron and B12 issues. I get to put some of the coolest designs on them! I have gotten so many compliments on them when I do go out of the house.... kind of like my hair... everyone loves the purple!

Saved the best thrill for last. The hospital system I work for is the only one that has an 80% minimum to meet for our work. All other systems in the company - 70%, no one knows why, it just is. My understanding is this system hasn't made that; until now. I am so thrilled to say we are top in the company! I got the, hey can you talk a sec, from my supe and you never know what is coming at ya... when he told me the news, I was so elated. We did it! Our team did a HUGE accomplishment! I couldn't be more proud of our team!

I smell dinner... so I will end here loves. Til Later and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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