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#ThursdayTalk March 16, 2023

Whew... today was a shitpile at the 9to5. Again, I so missed my other work half as she was on PTO today. Denials... fucking denial after denial after denial. I went live on my last break to give a PSA to the public. But I had 14 appeals to write by mid day, so not sure if there's officially more but I am sure there will be. I was just so, so busy but grateful I am on PTO tomorrow and Monday.

What am I going to do? Mostly chill, prep for a trip to a new bin store, dr appt, car stuff, 10 year old dog birthday stuff, work store stuff, who knows what else or if I'll even get to some (most) of that stuff! I am peeved that someone would have the gall to say anything about my taking a day off to do whatever - even if it's to prep for a next day shopping trip - when we have a person that is pulling crap another time. If I wanted to sit and watch porn all day on my day off to prep for a wild night with DH, is shouldn't matter. With the situation going on it pissed me off - even if it was poking fun.

Anyway, I just sent in apps for a couple vendor shows... just waiting to hear back and to pay them. One is the Vulture City ParaCon in October. I can't remember the price but it is within reason and I can make more stuff, you bet I'm going! All the shows start back up in Sept/Oct but I do have some available every Thursday night and Sunday morning if need be for the summer. I am really excited to get back into the vendor circuit. Have a grandson to tote around once in awhile.

Speaking of... OMG Mother's Day weekend will be here before we know it! Fingers crossed he makes his appearance right on time! As weird as it is to say it, I am excited to have my grandson with us for a little. I got some other pieces to keep at the house... need to get a stroller, highchair and a few other things to keep here. Plus they can serve as duplicates if needed.Then when DD has her kids... at least we can be somewhat set up.

Ugh.... ok time to chillax... t least I don't have my usual morning alarms to worry about! I love you, Til later, and Blessed Be!


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