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#TuesdayTriumph August 9, 2022

To start, my other order came in!! I am so excited to get those stones and crystals up on the shop site. Check it out! I am so excited to get more pieces in the future! The zebra calcite is gorgeous! I'll get the items up in the store tomorrow after my 9to5.

I'm pretty tired and exhausted... I am hoping maybe with my iron infusion and B12 shot I can some pep back in my step! Not to mention waiting for meds to help get me back into some sort of functional being not in pain. Yes, I hate the pHARMaceutical industry but some meds are helpful. Less is better!

I started back with my walks. At least the morning one and lunch one. I need to get back up to three times a day. I'm sure I have a crystal or stone for that!

I'm checking out this cool site that shows what is going on that day - like National hot dog day or make a paper airplane day... random stuff like that. Thinking of how to incorporate those into my work. Just having those ideas floating all around in my head. Need to get off my ass and catch those ideas and make then come to fruition!

Til later Loves and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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