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#WackyWednesday August 10, 2022

It was a steady day for the 9to5 today. But at the same time it dragged... not sure how else to explain that one! But I got three walks in before the sky opened up. I got some cool pics on my walks that I'll post. I am being too lazy with the store. Or with this weather, I hurt and say forget it... could be many reasons but I need to make sure I do this vendor stuff real soon!

I need to remember to take off the business from FB. I already had issues with people, and I am just over it. Right now, I will stick with ETSY and my site. Once I get the brick and mortar up, then I'll look at other options. Speaking of the store, I got the rest of the inventory posted. Mini geode halves, citrine druze, amethyst pieces, and more!

I do need to work on some corn dollies, some Mercury Retrograde bags, some new ideas and visions. Thinking of a flash sale soon on some items - talking up to 50% off! I am starting to get "THAT FEELING" kind of like hump day for the week - feels like hump month. And heading into cooler weather!! I can picture and smell the leaves falling, the air with some water smell and just cold enough to make the end of your nose cold... and gloves with the fingertips missing and the warmth of the coffee cup in your hands. Yeah, I am so ready for fall and to get in that SPIRIT!!

On that note, calling it a night to enjoy the storm rolling through. Til later Loves and Blessed Be!

Rowan Pearl

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