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#WackyWednesday December 14, 2022

Whew! Another short & sweet one tonight! 3 AM is gonna come faster than expected and to travel an hour into the office - yeah need some rest! Watching the ending of Merlin since it is the last night on Netflix. Gathered all my crap to take into the office tomorrow... my Griswold jersey, sweaters, head pieces, jewelry to wear, gifts, and most important the laptop and other needed items for work.

Then later in the evening we get to go see DD in her first Rockabilly pageant!! So very proud of her! Excited as well! Looks like its gonna be fun - good music, good food, just all around a very fun evening!

Had my CyberKnife consult today... so the start of that process is in full gear. So surgeries on foot and arm/hand will have to wait until 2023 when I am cleared by my Hematologist/oncologist that the blood clots have dissolved. In the meantime, I will have the radiation oncology of the CyberKnife to help with the TN. Just another chapter on the way to getting better!

Enjoy the pics! Til later, I love you all and Blessed Be!


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