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About Rowan Pearl (aka Michele J)

Greetings!  I am Rowan Pearl (aka Michele J). Welcome and Merry Meet! I have finally come out of the broom closet in 2019.  I had experienced some major life hazards and was given a more violent shove into realizing I have abilities and I needed to embrace them.  Once I was able to start doing that, an even better and more amazing life started to fall into place! I felt free, I loved myself like I never did before, took chances, suffered heartache, learned how to respond better to my triggers (yes, and some I still have a tough time NOT responding to); it boils down to loving my life. I am making my life the way I am suppose to live - by my rules and beliefs, not what everyone else says, does, and thinks.  Do I take into consideration what others say? Of course, that is a huge part of being open-minded! I listen, provide feedback, and move forward, helping others as I can and am able to do.  Nothing is perfect, but you can certainly make it better!

"The noblest art is that of making others happy"

PT Barnum

"No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else"

PT Barnum

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Rock Balancing


Our mission when we started Be Well Lifestyle LLC in 2014 was solely focused on the nutritional and food aspect of health and wellness. Using my experience of gastric bypass and helping others during their journey, I knew I wanted to help others make better choices for their quality of life. My goal was, and still is, to help others that want it. I love to cook, my family and I rarely eat/order out, and my daughter is in Culinary Sciences in college (due to graduate next year in 2022). I am so proud of my family how they have thrived and made so many changes in the last decade, how they have grown, and this just reignites my fire. This concept still applies and now we have rebranded and branched out to add a spiritual aspect that is Rowan Pearl's Magickal Apothecary LLC while holding true to our original startup, Be Well Lifestyle LLC. We want to help others experience the positive things life has to offer!

Rock Balancing


The vision of Rowan Pearl's Magickal Apothecary embodies everything Be Well Lifestyle LLC did but adds the spiritual aspect. Not everyone seeking support with nutrition will necessarily have a focus or interest in a spiritual aspect. For those that do, or are looking for a more spiritual aspect to their life and not necessarily nutrition, Rowan Pearl's Magickal Apothecary is here! We offer a different perspective of spirituality into one's life. Eventually, we hope to offer more than just tools and supplies; more personal experiences like card readings and gatherings. The goal is to open a physical location where we not only have physical items available to all, but offer a place where anyone can come and seek support, spirituality, wellness, and peace.

I am not a social media fan... with that said, I do share and post A LOT! Just be aware that I am not all light & love; there is a dark side to life as well so be forewarned - there is going to be... foul language used. If you don't like it, please just scroll past; peanut gallery comments will be removed, you will be blocked. You have been warned!

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